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The Importance of LOTC for your School Residential Trips

25 March 2024

LOtC Quality Residential Trips at Rootd:

At Rootd, we are proud recipients of the LOtC Quality Badge for our school residential trips hosted at our Hertfordshire activity centre. Our programmes combine outdoor adventure and bushcraft activities in a natural woodland setting, catering to primary and secondary school students from across the UK.

Our Approach:

At Rootd, we prioritise creating meaningful connections between students and the outdoors. Our experienced instructors are passionate about outdoor adventure and education, providing engaging activities tailored to different age groups. From building bug hotels with early years groups to facilitating team-building challenges for Year 7 students on high and low ropes courses, our programs are designed to inspire, challenge, and educate.

Rootd is committed to delivering high-quality school residential trips that foster a positive relationship with nature and outdoor learning. With our LOtC Quality Badge endorsement, schools can trust in our dedication to safety, education, and excellence.

The advantages of outdoor learning and immersing oneself in nature during school residential trips are well-documented. Outdoor education has become an integral part of the curriculum, with Ofsted urging schools to assess the quality of their outdoor education programs to ensure optimal impact on students’ achievement, well-being, and personal development. Consequently, school leaders and educators rightfully place significant emphasis on their outdoor education offerings.

Why Choose a Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Endorsed Provider?

Many schools in the UK lack extensive outdoor facilities on their premises. Therefore, school residential trips represent a crucial opportunity for students to reap the benefits of outdoor experiences. Selecting a school residential trip provider capable of delivering safe and enjoyable outdoor education becomes a paramount task for educators and parents alike.

Benefits of the Learning Outside the Classroom Badge:

The Learning Outside the Classroom Council is a reputable national charity established over two decades ago to promote outdoor learning and support organizations seeking high-quality outdoor education opportunities for students. The LOtC badge has become synonymous with quality and assurance for school leaders, parents, and activity organisers planning educational outings and school residential trips. Here’s why:

  • Recognition of Quality: The LOtC quality badge is a national award that evaluates educational provision and the quality of risk management across various providers nationwide. From museums and castles to outdoor centres and school residential trip providers, reputable outdoor education providers have met the six LOtC quality indicators, ensuring the delivery of high-quality experiences.
  • Endorsement by the Department of Education: Recognised by the Department of Education, the LOtC badge serves as a mark of quality, with health and safety guidelines recommending schools to seek LOtC quality badge holders when selecting educational visit providers.
  • Consistent Standards: LOtC accreditation entails assessment by expert awarding bodies, ensuring consistent high standards across different sectors. This rigorous process guarantees that all LOtC-accredited providers adhere to specific quality indicators relevant to their field.
  • Governance and Support: Governed by Trustees with extensive experience in education, the travel sector, and local government, the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is committed to promoting safe, high-quality outdoor education. The charity’s resources are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing its quality accreditation process, offering CPD and training for providers and educators, and influencing government policies on outdoor education provision in the UK.
  • Networking and Collaboration: LOtC quality badge holders benefit from inspiration, guidance, and online CPD sessions, fostering collaboration among school leaders, teachers, and providers. The annual CLOtC conference provides a platform for knowledge sharing and networking, ensuring members are well-informed and supported in their outdoor education endeavours.
  • Training and Development: Quality badge holders have access to training events and CPD opportunities, including first aid training, Level 3 Certification training, and virtual events to share best practices. This facilitates ongoing professional development for staff, enhancing the quality of outdoor education provision.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: The LOtC quality badge extends beyond large organisations, with numerous local providers offering accredited outdoor educational opportunities. Endorsed by local authority outdoor education advisers, the badge streamlines the provider selection process for schools, offering greater flexibility in choosing providers that meet their location, budget, and itinerary requirements.
  • Continual Improvement: LOtC quality badge holders undergo rigorous re-assessment every two years, ensuring ongoing compliance with standards and continuous improvement in their offerings. This commitment to quality reassures schools and parents of the provider’s dedication to maintaining high standards of safety and education.


What Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Entails:

Opting for a school residential trip provider awarded the LOtC Quality Badge ensures:

  • Comprehensive Risk Management: Providers maintain up-to-date risk management policies and procedures to ensure the safety of students during outdoor activities.
  • Highly Trained Staff: Competent and experienced staff engage confidently with students, providing expert guidance and support throughout the outdoor education experience.
  • Curriculum Integration: Outdoor activities are designed to complement and enhance the national curriculum, offering students valuable learning opportunities beyond the classroom.


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