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Why You Should Consider Autumn for your Year 6 Residential Trip

23 May 2024

Year 6 is such an exciting, challenging, and formative year for students. As a teacher you want them to start Year 6 engaged and ready to reach their potential.

This is why schools are increasingly opting for a Year 6 residential trip in the autumn term. A good school trip can strengthen children’s bonds with their classmates, increase resilience, and help them build better connections with their teachers.

The Benefits of a Year 6 Residential Trip in Autumn

While residential trips are beneficial at any time of year (and there truly are plenty of
benefits), holding it at the beginning of such an important year provides huge benefits for the students and teachers, including,

  • Bonding as a year group and getting the benefit for the rest of the year.
  • Increased engagement back in the classroom.
  • Boost in self-confidence.
  • Better relationships with teachers.
  • Building resilience, which is a particularly useful preparation for SATs.
  • Learning life skills in preparation for secondary school.
  • Offers an innovative way to teach the curriculum.

Embracing the Time of Year

Autumn is one of the Rootd team’s favourite times to be outside. Shorter days and the cooler weather allow you to enjoy activities that don’t work in the hot summer term, such as,

  • Night walks
  • Astronomy and star gazing
  • Evenings spent telling stories and toasting marshmallows around the fire
  • Exploring in the dark
  • Autumn bushcraft activities with fallen leaves, acorns, and (of course) conkers!
  • Enjoying the bracing weather
  • Building a year-round love of nature and the outdoors
  • Animal tracking is easier in autumn

Changing Weather

Rain on a summer residential can be a real letdown, but students, parents, teachers, and activity providers will be prepared accordingly for any weather condition and usually embrace the changing weather with its crisp days and leaves crunching underfoot.

A key concern for schools is often that the weather might make it too cold or the accommodation too uncomfortable for a successful trip. At Rootd we’ve taken care to make sure our trips are comfortable and cosy all year round.

Our industry-leading accommodation pods have underfloor heating, ensuring students are warm and cosy during their stay with us.

Getting Ready for the Year Ahead

According to Learning Away, “The transformation is greater the sooner a residential takes place in the school year.” This is based on students saying that after their year 6 residential trip, they felt,
More confident to try new things.
Their behaviour in school was better.
The way they were taught on the residential will help them do better in the subject in the classroom.
They know their teacher better.
And they get on better with others in their class.

Learning Opportunities

Any quality residential trip provider can work with you to integrate upcoming themes or topics from the school calendar. Giving you an innovative way to teach the curriculum outside of the classroom. Having the year 6 residential trip at the beginning of the school year means you can benefit from the children’s learning early in the term.

Greater Affordability

Autumn residentials can be more affordable, giving your school and parents a financial benefit. Autumn trips can also be more flexible or shorter, you can speak to your provider to see exactly what they can offer.


What others have said…

“To any school thinking of a residential trip in the Autumn term, I would say this. It’s definitely worth doing! Holding our residential now, means we can reap the benefits for the rest of Year 6. Facing challenges has taught the children that fear is a natural reaction to new/unknown situations but that we don’t need to let that stop us. This is invaluable as they move towards preparing for SATs and the transition to secondary school.” Teacher from Launcelot Primary, Year 6.

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